The first game where you can screw the dice before they screw you!

RONE: Invasion is a strategic post-apocalyptic deck and dice building game for 1 or 2 players (expandable to 1 to 4) and features unique dice that can be customized during the game. Players are immersed in a world where all achievements of the human race have been annihilated. Those that have survived are fighting for the right to rule what is left of a desolate wasteland. Years of bloody war have scattered and divided survivors into fierce warring factions. Many have died because of scarce resources. The fear of total annihilation of the human race has put hatred aside. A ceasefire has been called and diplomatic attempts are being made to try and save what is left of humanity. The main leaders of the different factions have gathered to begin what are hoped to be peaceful negotiations. After several long days of negotiations, in the middle of the final speech, the land suddenly shakes. Weapons are quickly drawn. The atmosphere is tense as each side accuses one another of violating the ceasefire. A deafening noise from above drowns out the shouts and accusations. Everyone looks to the sky. Blinding lights bathe the crowds as a giant platform, suspended on an enormous chain, is slowly lowered towards the earth’s surface.

Everyone begins to realize that this is more than an attempt to thwart the peace talks. Someone from the crowd shouts, “It’s a Cynex ship! I recognize the symbol! I worked for them for several years developing control systems for their ships. I thinkā€¦”. A deafening explosion interrupts the man’s shout. An electronic voice booms, “My name is Celesta, and that was a warning shot! If you resist joining our community, you will be annihilated. Drop your weapons and wait to be processed.”

Today is the first day of the Invasion!

About us

A small indie board game studio doing its best!

Are you ready for the apocalypse!

The Kickstarter is planned for March/April 2022


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