RONE: Smash

RONE: Smash is a small bluffing card game where each player starts the game with 5 cards in their deck (same cards for each player) and the goal of this game is to destroy 3 cards from opponent’s deck.

Choose your avatar

Before the game starts each player chooses the avatar and place it in front of them. The avatars represent the position of players and are important as they might swap during the game.

The one, located in front of the player is in melee distance and the avatar in front of the opponent is in range distance.  Each player see it from its own perspective, so avatar in melee distance for one player is in ranged distance for the opponent.

Prepare your deck

At the beginning of each round players place their cards in any order (5 cards for each player) and create their deck and place it (face down) on the table next to the avatar card in their melee distance. The order of the card is important as cards will be executed from the top to bottom, one by one.

Note: For the first game players do not need to order their cards they can shuffle them and once they learn how the game works, they can start ordering them.


From now, both players revealing the top card from their deck simultaneously and execute their effects until all cards from both decks are executed. Each card has the number and always the card with the highest number is executed first. If both cards have the same number, they are executed at the same time. During the revealing some cards might be destroyed and placed on the owner’s discard pile.

Once both players reveal all of their cards they prepare another deck from all available cards (not destroyed) and start another round until someone have 3 cards destroyed.

Note: When you start the next round, the positions of avatars stay the same, they are not returned back to their starting position.


For those who want to test the game here is the link to download the PnP.


Complete PnP